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Fongit Newsletter - October 2016

October 2016

Welcome to our monthly newsletter. We have exciting news about the startups in Fongit's community. Have a good read! 

Fongit Ventures & Projects

  • We welcome to our incubator two new companies:
    • FlickUp -  coming from London, this startup developed a new mobile platform to incentivise word-of-mouth interactions between consumers and creating the first network of virtual sales agents by using existing consumers as the agents themselves. You can learn more about FlickUp by registering on their page here.
    • SkeletonCAD -  spun out from EPFL, their novel Computer-Aided Design software employs a new way to represent and manipulate solid objects following the principles of the Medial Axis Transformation (popularly known as the skeleton of the object). For more info please visit their youtube channel by clicking here.
  • Congrats! Linkage Biosciences, a global leader in the field of transplant diagnostics, announced in September that it has been awarded a four-year contract in the UK by NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) for implementation of their real-type HLA typing product. Linkage products will be installed and adopted by various laboratories across the country. To know more please click here.
  • Smart Cities are finally becoming a reality! Well done to Orbiwise winning the contract in Ireland to work together with the Trinity College Dublin to roll out its internet of things (IoT) network nationwide. The Irish Times published the news here.
  • Co-founder and CEO of Plair SA, Dr. Denis Kiselev, has received the Association of Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry's (HMEI) top recognition for engineers under the age of 35 who demonstrate outstanding work in the field. Plair SA is also the first Swiss company to win the award. You can find out more by clicking here.
  • On the 14th September, Top 100 Swiss startups have been revealed. 8 startups supported by Fongit have been included in the list: congratulations! You can check the full list by clicking here: Top 100 Startup Award from startup.ch in cooperation with the Handelszeitung and PME Magazine is an important event for the entire Swiss community. Every year, from over 100.000 young companies, the 100 most innovative and promising Swiss startups are picked by top startup experts.
  • On 6th of September, 30 startup leaders attended our Academy event on Leadership for Sustainable and Scalable Results given by Susan Goldsworthy, coach, author and olympic finalist. Our community benefited from insights from the fields of neuroscience, sport & business, to explore how leaders can drive commitment & engage people to deliver to maximum potential.

Coming up over summer

  • Our next Fongit Academy will be held on Wednesday 5th October from 12:00-13:45. You are invited to join us for a workshop on stress management. Duncan Reeve, Health Consultant and co-founder of Peak of Wellbeing, will explore the positive and negative aspects of stress. He will highlight the common forms of stress, how you can identify the signs to avoid 'Burn Out' and what you can do to use stress as a positive force to drive your performance. You will leave with 3 key, realistic action points based on nutrition, hydration and movement that you can implement into your daily routines. This event is part of our unique program of monthly workshops that is tailored for leaders of growing startups and is presented by international thought leaders and experts. This event is open to Fongit startups and Geneva entrepreneurs. Sign-up on events@fongit.ch, places are limited!
  • Our next community Café+Croissant is on Wednesday 19th October at Fongit at 9h30-10h15; this is the best occasion to meet entrepreneurs and have updates of our startups and the incubator. You are all welcome to join!

Interesting Publications and Insights

  • Start-up fundraising is hard, we know it. So, all your questions about startup fundraising… are asked and answered here!  KPCB partners Eric Feng and Randy Komisar address the most frequently asked questions entrepreneurs have about fundraising today. The process of raising capital can be gruelling, unpredictable, and non-transparent, so to shed some light on best practices for fundraising, you can listen to their conversation and read an edited version of the transcript by clicking here.
  • Grow fast or die slow: why unicorns stay private. Technology companies worth more than $1 billion—and many worth $10 billion—have fewer reasons to go public than they did in the past. In this insightful article, McKinsey's experts explain what this means for them and their investors. Read the full story here.

Pictures of the Month
The Campus Biotech Innovation Park ("CBIP") has been inaugurated last 5th September. CBIP provides a fully integrated innovation process for life science entrepreneurs, starting with initiation at Geneus, and startup foundation and incubation at Eclosion, EPFL Innovation Park and FONGIT. CBIP has world-class facilities with fully equipped laboratories and life science platforms. All projects can apply at www.geneus.ch or here.
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